Suspension Lamps

A suspension lamp is hanging from the ceiling like a pendulum, that’s why they are often called pendant lights or hanging lamps. Depending on the products requirements a suspension lamp can create general lighting brightening up the room, or can serve with directional light in order to illuminate certain areas. Pendant fittings can be positioned over the table (dining table, kitchen table, office table, couch table) or just float in the room. We are offering a great range of suspension lamps, each with it’s own personality or charm. We are sure our lamps will create a special flair for your office, apartment or house.

A special category of suspension lamps are the lustres or chandeliers. A lustre is generally a larger lamp with several light units. Perfect for large rooms as for example a hotellobby, a hall, the hallway, the living room or a staircase. A chandelier is an important object in any room and will attract attention immediately. Our lustres are most variable in style and be the perfect choice for your project.

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